A New Book on Corpus Linguistics

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Dear Teachers, Colleagues, and Friends,
  Kindly allow me to inform you about the recent publication of a new book on Corpus Linguistics. Publication details and contents of the book are as follows:
  Title                 : Corpus Linguistics: An Introduction
  Author            : Niladri Sekhar Dash
  Publisher        : Pearson Education, New Delhi, India
  Year                 : 2008
  ISBN               : 8131716031
  Price                : Rs. 499/- (India).
  Pages               : 208+ (HB)
  General Comments: It offers guidelines for the creation and usage of corpora in the form of empirical language databases with direct functional and theoretical interpretation of a natural language. Divided into seven chapters, it begins with the definition and evolution of the concept of a corpus in linguistics, its salient features, and its utility in advanced works of linguistics and language technology. Also, it discusses the typological classification of the existing corpora for various languages; generation of spoken and written corpora, particularly for the Indian languages; theoretical and application issues related to this field; and a compilation of corpora for future application. Drawn on original research and written in accessible language and style, it will create avenues for further advancements in mainstream and applied linguistics and language technology. Neither technical nor pedagogic, it delves into theoretical and methodological issues of a new
 approach, which appeals to a wide spectrum of scholars, researchers, and particularly to the students of linguistics.
  [a]    Discusses the definition and evolution of corpus in linguistics, its salient features and utility in linguistics.
  [b]   Indicates how software programmers and researchers can best utilize corpora. 
  [c]    Offers guidelines for the usage of a corpus for the functional and theoretical interpretation of a natural language.
  [d]   Discusses the typological classification of existing corpora.
  [e]    It talks about the generation of spoken and written corpus, particularly for Indian languages.
  [f]     Shows how utilization of information from a corpus opens up new avenues for language research.
  [g]   Also addresses the limitations of a corpus.
  Chapter 1: Towards a New Direction
  Chapter 2: Definition and Features of a Corpus
  Chapter 3: Corpus Typology: Part One
  Chapter 4: Corpus Typology: Part Two 
  Chapter 5: Corpus in Language Technology and Linguistics
  Chapter 6: Corpus in Applied Linguistics
  Chapter 7: Limitations of Language Corpus

  If you are interested to have a copy of the book, please contact:
  Pearson Education (Singapore) Pvt. Ltd.
  Indian Branch
  482, F. I. E, Patparganj
  Delhi 110 092, India
  Tel: 91-11- 2214 6067
  Fax: 91-11-2214 6071
  Home: http://www.pearsoned.co.in
  Email: sales at pearsoned.co.in
  Email: info at pearsoned.co.in
  Thank you very much for hearing my words.
  With best wishes and regards,
  Dr. Niladri Sekhar Dash
  Linguistic Research Unit
  Indian Statistical Institute
  203, Barrackpore Trunk Road
  Kolkata – 700108, West Bengal, India
  Phone (O): + 91- 033 - 2575 3281
  Email: nisedash at gmail.com
  Email: ns_dash at yahoo.com
  Home: http://www.isical.ac.in/~niladri

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