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Language Oct 2008 Try, adjust this for Indian languages.
Marathi Oct 2008   Monthly trial using Roman script (lipi)
symbols on devices for English, if usual script devices are
absent. Also, to teach Marathi to students unfamiliar with
its lipi. Usual lipi equivalents (sarakaara satya hindee) etc
reformed in Roman (sarkaar, sat + tya = sattya, hindi) etc
Linear Roman suits typing, data-sorting, internet etc. See
author e-id, M12, M21, E15, E03 in (
(  Apo ' is near letter in html.
(...) Sentences separator.  (
( Use (a-z) but (A-Z) to start
names, English words.  Logical near-phonetic spellings to

suit Marathi. Use name (Seema), but (simaa) = Boundary.
Several English words enter Marathi, but in Marathi script.
Use (kichan, chikan, gaes, silind'ar) in Marathi, in Roman.
Unsure? Temporarily use (Kitchen Chicken Gas Cylinder). 
Tips -- u = oo. i = ee. a (a-american) aa (a-art) d (th-they),
d' (d-day) v (w-win). Future M-E E-M dictionary part in M1.
Media may print poems in two scripts for practice and for
a worldwide audience. Refer Website M20 M21 E03 E05.
Interested in Marathi in Roman lipi? Tell author. Circulate.
--------------------------------------- M1 --------------------------------------

te maaze ghar... jagaavegal'e asel sundar !
nakshidaar ati daar tayaach'e
shilpa tayaavar buddhakalech'e
chakre, veli, murti manohar.
--- gadimaa (1919-77) kavitaa bhaag (Poem Part).
ghar = House. maaze = My. sundar = Beautiful. te = That
Beautiful = sundar. House = ghar. My = maaze. That = te
-------------------------------------- M2 ---------------------------------------
chikan pulaav karaaych'aa hotaa... parantu kichan madhil
gaes silind'ar rikaame hote...  tyaamul'e to bet rahit kelaa.
-------------------------------------- M3 ---------------------------------------
vidnyaan vaangmay he shaastriya drusht'yaa binchuk asle
paahije...  tase nasel  tar  tyaatil  laalittya  vyartha aahe...
d'hobal' vidhaane akshammya maanli paahijet...  vidnyaan
drusht'i  t'hevun lekh  lihile naahit  tar tyaa likhaan'aach'aa
vaait'ach' parin'aam hoil.     (Website > M06 Page 1, End).
( paan 1 varil antim vaakkye

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