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Marathi Feb 2009   Monthly trial in Roman script (lipi).
Use usual lipi. At times, its devices are unavailable or
cybercafes, employers, old PCs may put restrictions.
Then use Roman with symbols on devices for English. 
It is linear, suits typing, data-sorting, internet, e-mails.
(a-z) basis for phonebook, stockmkt list, theatre rows. 
Marathi schools (rural too) teach aA-zZ some English.

Foreigners can quickly learn some Marathi, in Roman.

Marathi explanations - (,
( English explanation in
E15 E03 E04 author email-id in (
E15 ( i (i, ee). u (u, oo).
a (both a-american) aa (a-art) d (th-they) d' (d-do), etc.
(a-z Marathi). A-Z start names, original English words.
(...) betwn sentences (apo ' ) near letter in html format.
Use (rabar, pepar) etc, or (Rubber, Paper) temporarily. 
Use (kar, hindi) etc, for usual-lipi-based (kara, hindee).
Name (Seema) etc ok.  Use word (simaa) = Boundary.

(naahak) etc prose may read (naahaka), in few poems.
(naahaka) usual lipi equivalent, read (naahak) in prose.
M2 part dictionary (a-z) for part poem M1. Case tense
gender etc may change words. Circulate. Put author's
email-id in contact-list, so that his emails reach inbox.
------------------------------------- M1 -----------------------------------

re thaamb... re thaamb nako gophan' ti unch' ugaaru,
tyaa din vihangaas nako naahak maaru.

-- Bhavanishankar Pandit (1906-78) 

------------------------------------- M2 -----------------------------------

din (Day, Meek).... gophan' (Sling).... maar (Kill, Beat).
naahak (Uselessly) nako (Dont) re (Oh) thaamb (Stop).
ti (She, That) ugaar (Raise) unch' (High) vihanga (Bird).

------------------------------------- M3 -----------------------------------
(vihanga khaga) kavitet... ervhi (pakshi) shabda vaapar.
( > 1 va 3, devanaagari >
nirdeshaank phakta shearbaaj'aarch'aa nako... j'aatiya
salokhaa, vyasanmukti maraat'hi bhaashaa yaanch'aa
paahije, vaad'haavaa... sankshiptataa haahi ek lekhan
gun' aahe...  aso, akher roman lipit namune dile aahet.

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