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To self and Bcc to some

I saw in Tel Aviv (Hebrew) Teheran (Persian) people
using Roman script for chemical equations etc. though
their scripts are written right to left. I was not sure of
Arabic language people (who saw to it that their
language is recognized as UN language). A scholar
(with sample) confirmed usage of Roman script for
chemical equations etc. in Arabic...... Conclusion ??
Whole educated world (who knows some chemistry)
knows Roman script. So one should well consider
Roman script as an option for Marathi, if and when
Devanagari script is unavailable for any reason. 

गरज पडली तर रोमन लिपी वापरावी.
garaj' pad'li tar roman lipi vaapraavi.
-- MN Gogate (http://www.mngogate.com/) 
See article E15 sister languages, M22 
हे विश्वची माझे घर  he vishvachi maaj'he ghar

रोमनमध्ये ह्रस्वदीर्घभेद कटकट काढून टाकावी
ज चे दुहेरी उच्चार स्पष्ट करावेत ( j, j' )
सरकार, ऋषि, मध्ये, दु:ख  << ध्वनीनुसार >>
sarkaar, rushi, madhe, dukkha  लिहावेत.

मराठी > इंग्रजी वेगाने लोक माध्यम बदलत आहेत.
(चूक, पण ती वस्तुस्थिती) रोमन लिपीत का होईना
मराठीशी संपर्क रहाण्यास काही पावले टाकावीत.


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Subject: Re: chemical symbols in Arabic etc

Dear Mr Madhukar Gogate
this practice is adopted also in Arabic, ie, chemical formulas, equations -embedded in the texts- are written in Roman script (left to right direction). see an example in the attached file . 
best regards

2013/6/15 Madhukar Gogate <mng1932 at yahoo.com>

Dear Mr M. Erradi (Arabic Scholar)
>I got your contact in Linguistlist, wherein 
>you have announced some other matter.
>I have another query, and I thought you
>may answer, as expert in Arabic language.
>Russian, Chinese, Hindi, Greek, Tamil, 
>Japanese etc are written in non-Roman
>scripts. But chemical formulas, equations
>are written in Roman script. Thus > H, Fe,
>C, Ca = Hydrogen, Iron, Carbon, Calcium.
>Is this practice adopted in Arabic, Persian,
>Hebrew languages written in scripts right
>to left direction ? Chemistry text may be 
>in respective scripts, but what about writing
>chemistry formulas, equations ? Or are
>there some other non-Roman symbols ?
>Early reply will be appreciated. Thanks.
>-- MN Gogate (http://www.mngogate.com/) 
>See biodata & article E09, global numerals.
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