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Wed Jun 2 14:36:12 UTC 1999

At 05:57 PM 6/1/99 , Grant Barrett wrote:

>[Nice to find another shortwave listener on ADs-L. We're fortunate here in the
>city to get two hours of BBC World Service on WNYC AM 820 each weekday
>and six some-odd hours on WNYE 91.5 FM very early each weekday morning.]

A bit off-topic perhaps, but shortwave is saving what's left of my sanity
during my current residence in rural Ohio.  Many BBC programs can also be
heard via Real Audio on the web -- check their web site at


This is true of many SW broadcasters -- a good list of links can be found at


Incidentally, the best shortwave radios in the world are made right here in
Ohio by the R.L. Drake company.

Evan Morris
words1 at word-detective.com

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