Krahn Cartoon

Albert E. Krahn krahna at MILWAUKEE.TEC.WI.US
Tue Jun 1 03:32:32 UTC 1999

Bethany said:
Memory has told me for years that it appeared in The New Yorker, but I am
not certain that that is true. The cartoon, by Fernando Krahn,  occupies
all of one page. On the verso is a column "Views & Reviews" by Elizabeth
Christman entitled "Aggiornamento" -- at the bottom of the page (34) is
"THE REPORTER" -- is this the NYorker? Or am I forgetting a pub called
"The Reporter"? The typeface for "Views & Reviews" looks like NYorker
If anyone finds a place where I can see the cartoon, let me know. We Krahns
have to stick together and support each other. There aren't that many of
us. We do have our own language, of course, but it is spoken in Africa
instead of Pommerania.

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