The Realist & the Reporter

Fri Jun 4 17:45:44 UTC 1999

        Having added a bit to the orgy of nostalgia here over these
magazines, I now, in repentance, try to turn the discussion to
philological matters.  The Realist, at least, should be worth
skimming for slang.  Harvard University Library has the 98 issues of
its original run on 1 reel of microfilm.  (It published between 1958
and 1974, then resumed publication with issue 99 in 1985.)  I will
order it for the library here and will no doubt look at it when it
comes in, out of nostalgia (I confess).

        The Reporter published between 1949 and 1968 and is available on
microfilm on 8 reels from UMI for about $1000.  The first 6 reels
cost $148 each.


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