Jet jockey slang/RAF banter

A. Vine avine at ENG.SUN.COM
Fri Jun 4 19:40:30 UTC 1999

Barry A. Popik wrote:

Reminds me of the Monty Python RAF banter sketch:

"Top-hole.  Bally Jerry, pranged his kite right in the how's-your-father;
hairy blighter, dicky-birded, feathered back on his sammy, took a waspy,
flipped over on his Betty Harpers and caught his can in the Bertie."

>     I wrote "wait table (sic)" just so people would know that was in the
> original--it wasn't a typo for "wait tables."  I've made a typo or two.  I've
> also copied a few errors recently ("Windsor" for "Winsor" McCay) without
> adding "sic."
>     My "eye candy" interest had already been "piqued" (aroused) and I wanted
> to say that it was "peaked" (heightened).

Aha!  I knew it was intentional!  Barry rarely misses a trick.

P.S.  Do non-software folks use "mouse" as a verb?
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