The Realist

Robert Ness ness at DICKINSON.EDU
Mon Jun 7 13:35:55 UTC 1999

Sure. ed, by Paul Krassner. Particularly pungent in my memory is its
tribute to Walt Disney on his demise, a cartoon featuring all the disney
menagerie having all kinds of polymorphous sex with one another. The mag
also sold the notorious "Fuck Communism" bumper sticker, which the local
police-this was in 62 or so- forced me to remove from my car. The mag
was quite outrageous for its time. Its closest modern kin  might
be The Onion (check out On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, Kim & Rima
McKinzey wrote:

> >
> >Another "almost forgotten" is "The Realist". A liberal-type periodical with a
> >Lenny Bruce attitude. Anyone else remember it?
> Yes, from NY in the 1960s.
> Rima

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