Breaking new ground

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Tue Jun 8 21:09:50 UTC 1999

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Date: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 13:28
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>I heard this at least a year ago, but I can't remember where.
>In a message dated 6/8/99 1:18:19 PM, Avi_Arditti at NEB.VOA.GOV writes:
><< Monday9s Financial Times said the new chief at Procter & Gamble is given
>to :iconoclastic* remarks such as, :If it ain9t broke, break it.:
>How clever, thought I.
>Then today9s Wall Street Journal reports on a retired Chrysler
>executive-turned-consultant. Second on his list of advice: *If it ain9t
>broke, break it.: >>

I have no idea how far back this goes, but at least as far as the early 90's
(I think), I've heard "If it ain't broke, use a bigger hammer" used as a
humorous reference to the original phrase.


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