Huckleberry Finn in Romania

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Sat Jun 12 17:57:08 UTC 1999

Here's a request for help that I don't have an immediate answer for. If you
do, please e-mail her at
bea at
Thanks - Allan Metcalf

        My name is Beatrice Badiu and I am a 5th year student at "Al.I.Cuza"
from Romania and I need some information you may detain. My Dissertation
Paper deals with the American Dialects and especially with the Dialects
used by Mark Twain in "Huckleberry Finn", that is: Missouri Negro Dialect,
Southwestern Dialect and Pike County Dialect. I am very desperate as I have
not found any information concerning this subject and I need them in order
to finish my paper by 16th of June. If you can help me , please reply me as
soon as possible.
Yours gratefully,

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