Huckleberry Finn in Romania

Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Sat Jun 12 18:17:46 UTC 1999

Something like that comes in to the ADS web site on a regular basis;
interestingly, the wording is always very similar. I wonder if there is a textbook that
the assignment is cribbed from?

 Below is a response I sent to our friend in Romania today.

There is a bibliography on the American Dialect Society web site that may be
useful to you. Listed are three books
specifically about Twain. Your university or college library may have these; if
not, you may be able to purchase them online.
Also, here are some links to online articles that may be useful. Please note
that these pages are not necessarily applicable, appropriate, well-researched,
factual or scholarly. They may, however, be of supplemental interest.

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