Tue Jun 15 03:19:31 UTC 1999

Dear Yongwei Gao,

This type of entry is dealt with a third way in The World Book
Dictionary (a 270,000 entry book).

The adj. is defined as "having horseshoes with calks to prevent
slipping."  However, this is a relatively obscure use of the term for
most people.

The adv. use is recognized in this book as an idiom: ride roughshod
over.  The definition is "to domineer over; show no consideration for;
treat roughly: _He had a sensitive distaste for riding roughshod over
anybody's feelings_. (London Times)"

The adv./idiom is by far the more usual usage outside the realm of
equestrian issues and perhaps maybe there too.

David K. Barnhart
Barnhart at

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