Murphy's Law (continued; still not in DESERT WINGS)

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    I went back for a second trip to the Military History Institute in
Carlisle, PA.  My bus was delayed two hours, making for a pleasant 7 1/2 hour
return just now.

MURPHY'S LAW (continued)

   It's still not there!
   I read DESERT WINGS (publication of Edwards AFB) through 1959.  This is
from DESERT WINGS, 3 September 1954, pg. 5, col. 2:

   DESERT JEWEL--We understand that A/2C Jewel Murphy, Military Personnel,
has been heard complaining on numerous occasions, "I never get my name in the
paper."  So Jewel won't get the wrong impression of newspaper people, the
entire staff of the Desert Wings gathers to say, "JEWEL MURPHY, JeWel MuRpHy,
Julie--Julie--Rah!  Rah!  Rah!  J E W E L  M U R P H Y!  That's the way to
yell it, here's the way to speel it J.E.W.E.L. M.U.R.P.H.Y.  Every now and
then we will mention her name throughout the column to make amends for not
using it before.
    NOMINATION--We'd like to nominate Julie Murphy "The Most Unpublicized

    No "Murphy's Law" joke on her name in the entire column.  On 12 June
1958, pg. 1:  "Airman of the Month For June is Murphy."  It was Frederick
Murphy--it was a serious item, but again, no "Murphy's Law."  On 10 December
1954, pg. 11, the "Sandstorms" column was published upside down.  Again, no
"Murphy's Law" for this "mistake."
    This is from DESERT WINGS, 16 May 1958, pg. 2:

_Memorable Dates at Edwards and the AF Flight Test Center_
   Sept. 7, 1949--Colonel Albert Boyd assumed command of Muroc Air Force Base.
   Jan. 27, 1950--Muroc Air Force Base redseignated EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE in
honor of Captain Glen W. Edwards.

    That's it for 1949 and 1950!
    Granted, I didn't see the entire year of 1951, and there were other gaps
in DESERT WINGS.  Still, I didn't find one single citation.
     I don't want to say that this thing is a hoax, but the Edwards AFB
origin doesn't add up with any "contemporaneous" documentary proof.

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