Melanie (continued, with free ADS membership offer)

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Tue Jun 15 04:09:03 UTC 1999

    My last posting didn't go through.  Here goes again.
    Yes--if Jesse Sheidlower showed a photo of himself, plus another photo of
him with his wife, on his etymology web site, I'd remark that he photographs
well, too.  It's a legitmate comment on the contents of the web site.
     Melanie doesn't know a single thing that I've done!  The RANDOM HOUSE
HISTORICAL DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN SLANG is in nearly every bookstore.  She
has DARE as a link--and DARE has the American Dialect Society as a link.  How
difficult is it to click that link??
      I've never been known for holding any of my etymological discoveries
from anyone--in fact, I'm well known for giving it all away for free (often
at great personal expense).
      Earlier this year--capping a ridiculously pathetic eight-year struggle
to get The New York Times to publish the true story of "the Big Apple" (which
they have still never done)--I offered free ADS and American Name Society
memberships to the Times "On Language" gang of William Safire, his assistant,
and his fill-in (Charles Elster).  I declared that here and in a certified
letter.  There was no reply!
     I'll offer much the same thing to Melanie.  Upon a showing of need that
she can't afford the $35 dues and upon a showing that she wants to become an
ADS (and/or ANS) member, I'll pay her dues for her.

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