Basic I-E book advice?

Tue Jun 15 13:41:08 UTC 1999

I would add the following to suggestions already made:

Gamkrelidze and Ivanov's Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans.  Not the whole thing, certainly, but chapters on homeland and culture.  Those chapters are not as technical as the comparative chapters and are worth the struggle.  Any good university library should have it.

Colin Renfrew's Archaeology and language : the puzzle of Indo-European origins.  Controversial but readable and thoughtful study of the issues from an anthropologist's perspective.

Herb Stahlke

>>> Jesse T Sheidlower <jester at PANIX.COM> 06/14 8:59 AM >>>
A correspondent has written to say that he loves
Calvert Watkins' essay on Indo-European in the
back of the American Heritage Dictionary, and would
like to read more on the subject. Does anyone have
any not-too-scholarly recommendations for followup
reading for this person?

Thanks in advance.

Jesse Sheidlower
Random House Reference
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