Basic I-E book advice?

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The  _Oxford Companion to the English Language_ has two pages on Indo-
European with a six accompanying references, two of which are:

 Mallory, J.P. 1989. _In Search of the Indo-Europeans: Language,
Archaeology, and Myth_. London: Thames and Hudson.

 Renfrew, Colin. 1988. _Archaeology and Languge: The Puzzle of Indo-
European Orgins_. Cambridge: University Press.

Sharon Vaipae
>>>> Jesse T Sheidlower <jester at PANIX.COM> 06/14 8:59 AM >>>
>A correspondent has written to say that he loves
>Calvert Watkins' essay on Indo-European in the
>back of the American Heritage Dictionary, and would
>like to read more on the subject. Does anyone have
>any not-too-scholarly recommendations for followup
>reading for this person?
>Thanks in advance.
>Jesse Sheidlower
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