Different I-E book advice

James E. Clapp jeclapp at WANS.NET
Wed Jun 16 06:06:26 UTC 1999

My own very preliminary exploration into Indo-European matters was
aborted when I began writing legal reference works for Random House, but
I keep wanting to get back to it.  As a step in what I wanted to do, I
was hoping to find a book that would make it easy for me to find
relationships between English words and Sanskrit or Pali words through
their common Indo-European roots.

Is there a comprehensive work in English that could make tracing such
English/Sanskrit/Pali correspondences fairly straightforward?  Failing
that, how about a work in some other language (alas, I verstehe nicht
German, but I might have to try), or a work in any language (English
greatly preferred) that does for Sanskrit and Pali what Watkins's
American Heritage Dictionary of Indo-European Roots does for English?

I think it extremely unlikely that anyone has traced Indo-European roots
into Thai (which has substantial Indic vocabulary), but if so, I'd
appreciate hearing about that too.

Thanks very much for any guidance you can offer.

James E. Clapp

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