Body work/Adult Bodywork in the VILLAGE VOICE

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Thu Jun 17 13:46:59 UTC 1999

      There's "bodywork," and then there's "adult bodywork" in the VILLAGE
VOICE.  The former has been around a long time; the latter is a term of art
that's exploded within the past two years.
       The VOICE advertises that it has "The World's Best Read Classifieds."
In the 22 June 1999 issue, "Ceritifed Body Work" (two words here) occupies
one measly column on pg. 187.  The most popular advertised "body work" is
      Then there's "Adult Bodywork" (the prostitution kind is one word).
This heading occupies pages 194-207, followed by "Escort Services" and "Adult
Phone Services" on pages 208-212.  "Adult Bodywork" pages 197 and 203 are in
full color.  The "bodywork" is not explained, although a few ads go into
great detail that they offer "bodywork full."
      When did this thing start?
      On 4 January 1994, pg. 112, under "New Age," there's a column of
"Bodywork."  The words "Swedish," "certified," and "bodyrub" are often used.
On pg. 118, under "Adult," there are four ads under the heading "Massage."
     On 3 January 1995, pg. 105, under "Adult," those same "Massage" services
are headed under "Adult Body Work."  However, this heading was soon dropped.
     "Adult Bodywork" reappeared as two small columns on 18 March 1997.
"Body rubs" were advertised then; they were not similar to its heading of
"Escort Services."  VILLAGE VOICE policy changed quickly thereafter.  By the
end of 1997 (less than two years ago), "Adult Bodywork" became the VILLAGE
VOICE label of choice for prostitution that it is today.

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