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Gareth Branwyn garethb2 at EARTHLINK.NET
Thu Jun 17 18:37:24 UTC 1999

Paul McFedries wrote:

>> Can someone here with Lexis-Nexis look up "blast fax" in that
>> issue and post the cite? They may have misunderstood the term and
>> assigned it a negative and political connotation it does not normally
>> have.
>Here's the Newsweek cite, Gareth:
>Warming Up the 'Blast Fax'
>Political operatives who specialize in opposition research are eager to
>dig into Campaign 2000. The Democrats' oppo experts spent the last year
>looking for dirt that could be used to discredit Clinton foes like
>Kenneth Starr and conservative financier Richard Mellon Scaife. Now the
>Dems' gumshoes are turning their attention to more familiar targets:
>Republican presidential candidates. Democratic sources say party
>researchers are concentrating on GOP front runner George W. Bush. The
>Democratic National Committee puts out an almost-daily blast fax on the
>missteps of Bush and the rest of the crowded GOP field. For its part,
>the Republican National Committee's oppo team is focusing on Al Gore.
>The veep is the subject of a regular RNC bulletin called The World
>According to Gore, which ridicules his more awkward pronouncements.

Thanks, Paul. So I guess the misinterpretation was mine, not Newsweek's.
That's what I get for trying to read while I have steam coming out of my

There's still the issue of "fax blast" vs. "blast fax." I guess they are
just used interchangeably.

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