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Better to have epiphed then than never.


>dInIs said:
>> Gosh, y'all (or "ya'll"), ain't langauge a kick. Aren't you glad you woke
>> up one day during Shakespeare class (or whatever), said "What the hell am I
>> doing here," and wandered off to the linguists. Imgaine what your life
>> would be like now if you hadn't!
>Yes -- even though my epiphany didn't come until after finishing three
>100% lit degrees.
>I smiled when overhearing one of our grad students talking to a friend
>a couple of weeks ago.  She didn't know I was in hearing distance, but
>she was saying that she came back to school (she's an older grad student)
>thinking she wanted an M.A. in lit but that she had stumbled upon
>linguistics and "fallen in love."  (Her M.A. will still be in lit.  But
>at least she has seen the light.)
>   --Natalie (maynor at ra.msstate.edu)

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