Chicken a la King

Arnold Zwicky zwicky at CSLI.STANFORD.EDU
Wed Jun 23 03:10:27 UTC 1999

if it had originally been chicken a la keene, i'm sure my late
wife's family would have had a story about it; they had - truly
marvelous - stories about just about everything else.

my wife, ann daingerfield zwicky, was the daughter of keene
daingerfield (j. keene daingerfield jr.), who was senior state
steward for racing in the state of kentucky.  keene's father
was james keene daingerfield.  the elder j. k. daingerfield
got his name in the following way...

his father, foxhall daingerfield, was a close friend of james
r. keene's, and trainer of his racehorses.  foxhall daingerfield
and j. r. keene agreed at one point that if either had a son,
he would name that son after the other man.  both had sons.
hence foxhall keene, son of james r. keene, and james keene
daingerfield, son of foxhall daingerfield.

arnold (zwicky at

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