Chicken a la King

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At least Keeneland hasn't becoem Kingland.

dInIs (who dropped some bucks there)

>if it had originally been chicken a la keene, i'm sure my late
>wife's family would have had a story about it; they had - truly
>marvelous - stories about just about everything else.
>my wife, ann daingerfield zwicky, was the daughter of keene
>daingerfield (j. keene daingerfield jr.), who was senior state
>steward for racing in the state of kentucky.  keene's father
>was james keene daingerfield.  the elder j. k. daingerfield
>got his name in the following way...
>his father, foxhall daingerfield, was a close friend of james
>r. keene's, and trainer of his racehorses.  foxhall daingerfield
>and j. r. keene agreed at one point that if either had a son,
>he would name that son after the other man.  both had sons.
>hence foxhall keene, son of james r. keene, and james keene
>daingerfield, son of foxhall daingerfield.
>arnold (zwicky at

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