Russ McClay mcclay at TAOLODGE.COM.TW
Wed Jun 23 03:21:47 UTC 1999

"Prof. Roly Sussex" wrote:

> I am having trouble locating an explanation of the phrase "86",
> meaning something like "to refuse a customer service" or possibly
> "to eject a customer". Friends have heard it in "MASH"; I believe
> it may be part of American restaurant-speak where there are
> various codes used by waiting-persons for different dishes.

I'm from Southern California originally and as a young lad I used
to get "eighty-sixed" by my parents.  It meant "grounded".  Not
allowed to go out and play. Timeframe: about 35 years ago.
Not sure of the origin.  American restaurant-speak sounds right.

Russ McClay
Taipei, Taiwan

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