bunnies as sexual euphemisms

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Thu Jun 24 21:44:09 UTC 1999

Right you are Ron, and the form even survived (in all places!) into 20th
Century US marble shooting, in which a way of shooting the "shooter" was
called "cunny-thumb" or "cunny-thumbing." (Don't let Jerry Falweel get
ahold of that, or marble-shooting will be out with Teletubbies and Lilith.

dInIs (an old cunny-thumber)

>Throughout trhe Renaissance, as I understand it, it was the rabbit that took
>the role that the pussy does now, perhaps because of the alternative name for
>rabbit, conny. There was an Elizabethan tract, wasn't there, called THE ART
>OF CUNNY CATCHING that must have been a pun?

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