Reilly's/Murphy's Law (continued)

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Sat Jun 26 21:05:58 UTC 1999

     This is from ASTOUNDING SCIENCE FICTION, August 1956, pg. 4, col. 1:

     There's a well-known and well-hated law of laboratory experiment that
goes, "In a laboratory experiment, if something can go will."
     "Wrong" in this sense usually means that a random factor gets in, where
none is supposed to be.  And random factors, by definition, can do anything.
It could even improve the results of the experiments, of course.
     Dr. Wayne Batteau, of the Harvard School of Applied Science, has been
studying the basic structure of the scientific method from the viewpoint of
Information Theory analysis.  One of the interesting logical
results--translated from symbols into English--is "In total ignorance, try
anything.  Then you won't be so ignorant."

     The Harvard University Archives told me that they'll respond to my
simple query about the late Dr. Wayne Batteau and the Harvard Speculative
Society in a mere six weeks.

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