"frybread" "fry bread"

Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Wed Sep 1 13:04:17 UTC 1999

>Neither fry bread nor frybread appear in the titles of any books at the
>CIA [Culinary Institute of America].
>However, I did find
>_IMMISTSIIHKIITAA vai_ glossed as "to make fry/ deep fry one's own
>cooking" and _IMMISTSIIHKIITAAN vai_ glossed as "fry bread, lit:
>grease-baked goods"
>in D.G. Frantz and N.J. Russell, _Blackfood Dictionary of Stems, Roots,
>and Affixes_, U. of Toronto Press, 1989, p 371.
>David K. Barnhart
>Barnhart at highlands.com

Interesting slip of the finger, given the context.  At least I ASSUME that
should be _Blackfoot Dictionary..._, not _Blackfood..._, unless it's REALLY

Larry, wishing he had had a heartier breakfast this morning...

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