New York Times style on names

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Fri Sep 3 23:00:19 UTC 1999

    The first sentence is:

    From the moment he began thinking about running for the United States
Senate from New Jersey, Jon S. Corzine, the former chairman of Goldman, Sachs
& Company, has been attacked by his rivals as too rich to identify with
workers, too suburban to care about the urban poor, too Wall Street to
understand small-business owners on Main Street.

    Maybe, if you're covering a continuing story like the Dallas Cowboys, you
don't want to tell people it's Tony Dor-SETT and not Tony DOR-sett in every
story.  But I've seen the pronunciation guide in the last paragraph of
obituaries!  Four times in the past few weeks!  It must be the style guide!
    MORE PET PEEVES:  See today's obituary of Jeanne Miles on page B9.  There
is no credit for her photo.  There is no date to tell you at what point in
her life it was taken.  A quote is identified as "she said in an interview."
When?  Where?  And she is survived by children--she was married?

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