D. Ezra Johnson ezra_50 at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Sep 6 22:17:42 UTC 1999

To add my own personal two cents:

Growing up in Brookline, Mass., I remember hearing and using "my bad" in the
late 80's. Funny thing is, though, the friend of mine who most often used
the phrase (and who probably introduced it to our group) would sometimes say
"my bag" instead. I remember objecting to this and asking David why he was
saying "my bag" (which made no sense) instead of "my bad" (which did). But I
don't think he ever gave me an answer. Nor did he stop using the nonsensical
'my bag', the use of which became a joke between us.

And in retrospect, it is quite likely that he learned the phrase(s?) playing


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