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Wed Sep 8 18:14:04 UTC 1999

The second recipe is from where, "The Anal-Retentive Recipe Collection"?

My recipe is:

Get as much chocolate as you can in the frenzy of little Girl Scouts grabbing
chocolate bars from the cardboard box.  (Smart leaders hand the chocolate bars
out.)  Chances are you have 1 kid-size bar.

Take a marshmallow and just try and find a stick or coat hanger.  If you're
successful, stick the marshmallow in the fire till it catches.  Let it burn all
around, then blow out the fire.  If you're not successful and you don't like
marshmallows, put it back in the bag.  Otherwise, use it "raw".

Take the 2 whole graham crackers, however much chocolate you have, and the burnt
marshmallow and make a sandwich.  Don't burn your hand on the marshmallow.
Smush the graham crackers together.  Eat.  Even if you don't like marshmallows.

(I was a Girl Scout for 11 years.)


Dan Goodman wrote:
> Official Hershey's.
> S'mores Recipe: Place half of a Hershey's. Milk Chocolate bar onto a
> graham cracker half. carefully toast a marshmallow over a grill or
> campfire (supervise the kids if they are doing this part of the
> recipe).  After the marshmallow is toasted, place it on top of the
> chocolate bar half.  Top it with a second cracker half and gently
> press it together.  Enjoy!
> David & Judy's S'more
> Perfection Recipe
> September, 1998,
> [7]Rock Bay Camps
> Bonfire Area:
> A slight variation to the official Hershey's. Recipe above.  First get
> that bonfire going!
> The "Marshmallow" connoisseur needs: A shovel, preferably with a large
> handle.  A short stick with some body to it, and a sharp knife. Shape
> the stick into a sharp pointed object about 6 inches long.  With the
> shovel reach into the glowing embers and get a shovel full-place
> shovel on a rock or ledge-away from people. Proceed to place 4
> marshmallows on the stick. Place the stick of marshmallows about 4
> inches from the embers and blow gently on the embers while turning the
> marshmallow stick.  Continue this process until the marshmallows
> become golden brown.  While the Marshmallow connoisseur is preparing
> the marshmallows...
> The "Chocolate" connoisseur prepares the chocolate and graham
> crackers.  Get a flat piece of wood.  Place 2 halves of grahams on the
> wood with one fourth of a Hershey's. Milk Chocolate bar on each. Place
> the wood near the bonfire, close enough to melt the chocolate.  As
> soon as the chocolate is slightly melted, and marshmallows a golden
> brown, combine each with a second graham on top.

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