Dictionary of the Future

Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Thu Sep 9 20:55:11 UTC 1999

This message below came to me. It is somehow familiar; I believe
we have covered this recently. Please reply to the original
sender, although it would great to see your information posted to the
list as well. Also, the schoolboy side of me thinks we should
try to make up as many words as possible and see how many the Wall
Street Journal will print.


Dear Mr. Barrett:

My name is Rachel Silverman and I work for the Wall Street
Journal in New
York. For a special millennium edition to be published in
January, 2000, we
are compiling a "Glossary of the Future" with words that might
not be common
now, but might be in the future.
As a member of the American Dialect Society, do you have any
words, or sources, both printed and human?

Our deadline is flexible, but we are trying to compile all
responses by the
end of September. Thank you very much.

Rachel E. Silverman
212 416-2544 TEL
212 416-2277 FAX
rachel.silverman at wsj.com

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