ice~iced and cube~cubed

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Fri Sep 10 11:00:40 UTC 1999

Yeah, but a hotdog is never a tubed steak.


>In The Barnhart Dictionary Companion there is
>_ice wine_ --a transliteration of German _Eiswein_ (Vol. 5.1, Spring
>1986) and
>_ice beer_ --from Canada apparently (Vol. 8.4, 1993).
>Both of these have to do with the manufacturing process rather than
>whether or not they've got "ice" in them.  I have yet to find "ice tea"
>on a label in U.S. supermarkets.  I'm still looking.
>And in the local supermarket meat departments, it is "cubed steak."
>I'll check the files and post soon the results.
>David K. Barnhart

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