I LOVE it! What IS it?

Elder Daniel Evans devans at NETVERK.COM.AR
Thu Sep 16 01:58:52 UTC 1999

>You have been one of a chosen group of people that have been
>given a tremendous opportunity!  You are in our database and have
>been selected to receive a pre built downline absoloutely free!
>We already have 15 people in your downline, and we expect your downline

>to grow to as many as 400-500 members in a small fraction of time!
>If you want to make money with absoloutely no risk, email the person
>who sponsored you to claim your downline.

What do you mean "I HAVE BEEN" one of a chosen group of people? Am I no
longer one of them? I'd hate to be a has been and not even know what I
have been.

Anyway, I'm deeply honoured to be / have been a member of such a
distinguished party, I'm a bit of a snob and have always enjoyed
hobnobing with the chosen. A tremendous opportunity? You bet I want it.
Absolutely free? Oh, I just can't wait! Honey, call the Joneses and tell
them we'll be the first in our block to have one. And pre built, to

"Absoloutely no risk," you say? (Would that make me a lout, I wonder?
"Ah, so loutly!") Wow! That definitely beats walking to the candy
store.Claim my downline? Nay, I demand it. I shall let nothing come
between my very own downline and me.

If only you could tell me what a downline is, and what use, if any, I
could give to it once I
and the other 399 - 499 select members get ours till death do us part?
(I could look up "downline" in an Internet dictionary, but I thought -
since you are so enthusiastic about it- your explanation would be more
persuasive than an objective definition)

Semi colon dash close parenthesis, as they say in... in... Erewhon?

                                                Daniel Evans

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