I LOVE it! What IS it?

Michael Quinion words at QUINION.COM
Thu Sep 16 12:24:33 UTC 1999

> If only you could tell me what a downline is, and what use, if
> any, I could give to it once I and the other 399 - 499 select
> members get ours till death do us part? (I could look up
> "downline" in an Internet dictionary, but I thought - since you
> are so enthusiastic about it- your explanation would be more
> persuasive than an objective definition)

Though it looks like a bit of online jargon, actually it's a
dead giveaway that this is a pyramid selling scheme. 'Downline'
is what one might loosely call a term of trade in that field for
everyone you have recruited, including those that have been
brought into the scheme through the members you have recruited
directly. Think of the 'downline' as all those in the pyramid
that has you at its apex. It's usually said that when you have a
downline five levels deep, your earnings really start.

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