Spurious "Quotes" and Apostrophe's

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Other marks are fun too. Remember Burger Fre"sh (where the " = umlaut over
the 'e'). Luckily, even linguists don't know what "e-umlaut" stands for
(see Pullum and Ladusaw, pp. 42-43)

dInIs (who ain't got not damn umlauts in his name)

>Didn't you mean to say "apostrophe's"?  ;{)  Too bad that accents cannot be
>used on the screen by most people--I would love a list of phony accents.  My
>favorite was a neon sign at a motel that advertised their night club, the
>Che/z Bon--the slash being a substitute for the acute accent over the "e."
>I called it the Chase Bone and, whenever acquaintances corrected me, saying
>"It's French," I would respond, "As a former French professor, I can assure
>you that it's not.
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>> I know we've talked about spurious "quotes" and apostrophe's before.
>> Check out http://www.spinnwebe.com/ for pictures of both. Interesting,
>funny, sad. Click on  Those Pesky Apostrophe's  and You "Gotta" Love "Those"
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