Spurious "Quotes" and Apostrophe's

Mike Salovesh t20mxs1 at CORN.CSO.NIU.EDU
Sun Sep 19 00:09:04 UTC 1999

"Dennis R. Preston" wrote:

> dInIs (who ain't got not damn umlauts in his name)


In my experience, your representations of Inglish as she is spoke are
usually right on the button.  For once, you disappoint me.  Whaddya
mean, "who ain't got not damn  umlauts . . . "?

You shoulda said "who ain't not got no damn umlauts . . . ", or (if in a
purist mindset) "who ain't got no damn umlauts".  But that line you
actually wrote will just have to be corrected, lest it become a blot
upon your otherwise pure escutcheon.

--  mike salovesh             <salovesh at niu.edu>        PEACE !!!

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