Spurious "Quotes" and Apostrophe's

Pafra & Scott Catledge scplc at GS.VERIO.NET
Sun Sep 19 13:07:28 UTC 1999

Dennis must be English; an American would have said, "We don't need no
stinkin' umlauts!" (That is American for "We do not feel the need for
superfluous diaereses.")
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> "Dennis R. Preston" wrote:
> > dInIs (who ain't got not damn umlauts in his name)
> Dennis:
> In my experience, your representations of Inglish as she is spoke are
> usually right on the button.  For once, you disappoint me.  Whaddya
> mean, "who ain't got not damn  umlauts . . . "?
> You shoulda said "who ain't not got no damn umlauts . . . ", or (if in a
> purist mindset) "who ain't got no damn umlauts".  But that line you
> actually wrote will just have to be corrected, lest it become a blot
> upon your otherwise pure escutcheon.
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