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It's from one of Madge Wildfire's songs in the Heart of Midlothian, by Sir
Walter Scott--the first line of which is "Proud Maisie is in the wood."
Actually, it's an englished form of the Gaelic name Mairead--a borrowing of
the Latin "margarita," which was a borrowing from the Greek "margarites,"
meaning "pearl."  Margaret has the same etymology in English.  As much as
"Bloody Maggie" hated Gaels, Gaelic, and the Celtic Church, it is highly
unlikely that any Gael would name a child after Canmore's queen.   It's
popular today in Ireland.
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> Congratulations, Jesse. A child is key.
> Talk to us about the name Maisie. I like it. Where'd you get it?
> I'm hoping we'll still see your contributions here on the list?

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