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Mon Sep 20 15:05:54 UTC 1999

I was in an antique store this weekend, and they had a painted glass sign
for an arcade game called "maisie", which presumably referred to the pin=up
style bathing beauty pictured on it.

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>It's from one of Madge Wildfire's songs in the Heart of Midlothian, by Sir
>Walter Scott--the first line of which is "Proud Maisie is in the wood."
>Actually, it's an englished form of the Gaelic name Mairead--a borrowing of
>the Latin "margarita," which was a borrowing from the Greek "margarites,"
>meaning "pearl."  Margaret has the same etymology in English.  As much as
>"Bloody Maggie" hated Gaels, Gaelic, and the Celtic Church, it is highly
>unlikely that any Gael would name a child after Canmore's queen.   It's
>popular today in Ireland.
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>> Congratulations, Jesse. A child is key.
>> Talk to us about the name Maisie. I like it. Where'd you get it?
>> I'm hoping we'll still see your contributions here on the list?

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