"Win one for the Gipper"

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Tue Sep 28 04:43:42 UTC 1999


    Ronald Reagan (the New York Post calls him "The Gipper") is all over the
press because of a recent biography.  The phrase "win one for the gipper" was
in the film THE KNUTE ROCKNE STORY and was thoroughly discussed in Sports
Illustrated in September 1979.  It's a classic American phrase.  Seemingly
everybody knows it.
    The September 1999 Columbia University Alumni Magazine was in the
Travelers' Medical Services waiting room; the magazine had a story on Knute
Rockne.  "The Gipper nearly came to Columbia" the story said.
    But George GIPP was the Gipper and Knute Rockne was his coach!  Knute
Rockne was NOT the Gipper!
    That school is lucky to have Grant Barrett.


   The new book THE BLOODY MARY by Christopher B. O'Hara and William Nash
should have been out, but isn't.  It could be a bloody help.

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