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   From the Sunday newspaper supplement ACCESS: America's guide to the
internet (, 30 April 2000, pg. 18, web reviews,
history, after the LOC's American Memory is:

This site covers only a relatively short period of American history--from the
antebellum period through Reconstruction--but it covers it well.  Making of
America scanned in thousands of books and articles from the period,
reproducing the words and graphics of works as weighty as political treatises
of the day and as frivolous as romantic poetry.  Read the Help section's Tips
for Beginners to speed through the search process.

    Before I left for my Japan vacation, I told the New York Public Library
that there were TWO Making of America databases--one at Michigan and one at
Cornell.  Access magazine also missed the Cornell database!  You can find it
by clicking "About MOA" from the Michigan database, but no one will know.
   I was told I had to speak to this one person in charge of the NYPL
computer databases.  I didn't leave a message--I made sure that I directly
spoke with this person.  I went through the database with him.  I told him it
was confusing.  He agreed.  He made a note of it.  I was sure that he would
add the Cornell database.  Any computer programmer can do this in, maybe,
just one minute.
   I was so happy!  Someone in New York City had listened to me and had made
the smallest change!
   It was a miracle!!!!
   I got back from Japan.  I went to the NYPL.  The Cornell database was
still invisible.
   Nothing had changed.

SACAGAWEA (continued)

   People are hoarding Sacagawea coins and are not using them.  There aren't
"Saccies" in this article.  From the NEW YORK POST, 30 April 2000, pg. 3,
col. 2:

   The "Golden Dollar," as the U.S. Mint calls it, isn't gold--it's 88.5
percent copper--and tarnishes quickly.

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