Other "gruntle"s

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Other "gruntle"s
My Webster's New Collegiate lists "gruntle" as a
backformation of disgruntle, and defines it as "to put
in a good humor"
"...were gruntled with a good meal and good
conversation" - W.  P.  Webb

Etext of "Poems And Songs Of Robert Burns
by Robert Burns" (1759 to 1796)
(downloaded from Lycos.com)

>From the Glossary
Gruntle, the face.
Gruntle, dim. of grunt.

>From "Halloween"

He wistl'd up Lord Lennox' March
To keep his courage cherry;
Altho' his hair began to arch,
He was sae fley'd an' eerie:
Till presently he hears a squeak,
An' then a grane an' gruntle;
He by his shouther gae a keek,
An' tumbled wi' a wintle
Out-owre that night.

>From "Scotch Drink"

May gravels round his blather wrench,
An' gouts torment him, inch by inch,
What twists his gruntle wi' a glunch
O' sour disdain,
Out owre a glass o' whisky-punch
Wi' honest men!

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