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    Playboy magazine runs lots of articles on drinks, written by scholars
such as Emanuel Greenberg and Michael Jackson and John Mariani.  I tried to
look for "Sex on the Beach," "Long Island Iced Tea," and other drinks.
    Unfortunately, Playboy magazine is in the NYPL only, and the late library
hours are until 7:15 p.m.
    Here's a brief rundown:

January 1977, pg. 188--Caffe Freddo, Banana Soother, Cafe Helvetia,
Monsignore II, Irish Coffee, Tiburon Fog Cutter, Cafe Matador, (pg. 204) New
Year's Frost, Kentucky Toddy, Cafe Charentais, Coffee With Love, Asbach
Coffee, Mulberry Street, Monterey Mist, Kaiser Kaffee.
May 1977, pg. 95--Martinez Cocktail, Electric Martini, Pussy Collins, Gimlet
Surprise, Club Tonic, Southampton Swizzle, Bunny Hug, Silver Bullet,
May 1980, pg. 190--Royal Kir, Reynac Refresher, Punt, Big Red, Lillet Splash,
Aperitivo Pappagallo, Cynara, Red Robin, Italian Firecracker, Orange Saint.
June 1980, pg. 204--Coffeehouse Punch, Cold Buttered Rum, Pixilated
Strawberry Soda.
December 1980, pg. 206--Colonial Mellow Toddy, Orsini's Sugar Bush Toddy,
Lime Bishop, Bluegrass Milk Punch, Hot Brick, Tom and Jerry, A La Russe, (pg.
354) Hot Buttered Coffee, Flaming Finnish, Getaway Grog, Sizzling Mac, Seven
'N' Cider.
March 1981, pg. 180--Bagpipe, (pg. 181) Red Lion, Scotch Sting, Balmoral
Bullshot, Malted Milk, Loch Ness Monster, Tall Mac Tavish, Red Kilt,
Churchill, Golden Spike.
April 1981, pg. 130--Cherry Bomb, Chinese Firecracker, John Bruno's Torpedo,
Mighty Mai Tai, 322 Julep, Blockbuster, Green Lizard, Short Fuse, Zapple,
Zombie Punch, Salute.
July 1981, pg. 113--Bourbon Chill, Bourbon Snap, Presbyterian, Cattleman's
Cooler, Hancock Sour.
September 1981, pg. 168--Banana Dream, Black Irish, Finnegan's Fizz, Cream
"N' Bitters, Half and Half, Sidewinder, Southern Cream.
October 1981, pg. 154--Kir, Pink Bird, Orly Caravelle, Red Ox, Sutter Creek
Cobbler, Lemon Zinger, Spritz Con Bitter.
November 1981, pg. 135--Manhattan, Rob Roy, Dry Manhattan, The Duke of
Manhattan, Blond Manhattan, The Really Big Apple.
May 1982, pg. 150--The Ultimate Mint Julep, Party Juleps, Bluegrass Mint
Julep, Kentucky Toddy, California Mint Smash, Southside, Schnappsy Julep,
Georgia Peach Julep.
June 1982, pg. 134--Dragon's Milk, Madame Butterfly, Mount Fuji, Far East
Colada, Green Kimono, Plum Rum, Tokyo Rose, Trans-Pacific, White Tiger, Sake
Ball, Melon Freeze, Nippon Martini.
November 1982 (Stars & their drinks--ed.), pg. 236--Woody Allen-Borscht Belt;
Bjorn Borg-George Martin Special; John Denver-Caulfield Kick; Debbie
Harry-Brooklyn Bridge; Philip Johnson's-P.J.'s Regular; Liza, Halston,
Bianca-Ice Tea (This is "Long Island Iced Tea," called "Ice Tea"--ed.); Annie
McEnroe-Marrakesh Express; Walter Mondale-C.B.A.; Al Pacino-Mimosa; Tony
Roberts-Concorde; Jerry Rubin-Raspberry Margarita; Frank Sinatra-Royal Brandy
Ice; Cheryl Tiegs- Strawberry Cream Daiquiri.
December 1982, pg. 256--Copenhagen Glogg, (pg. 258) Hot Tub, Sicilian Kiss,
Norman Knight, Vagabond, Carlos Bomber, Maple Leafe Grog, Hot Pink Lemonade,
Pet Rock.
January 1983, pg. 176--Mary Pepper, Champagne Melon Punch, Stocklholm Punch.
October 1983, pg. 172--Cadet Rouselle, Rum-Tea-Tum, Bourbon Bellini, Pale
Moon, Brandy Snap, Yellow Bird, Cafe Au Lait.
November 1983, pg. 226--The Fans, Blue Nile, Purple Heather, Mamie Taylor,
The Godfather, (pg. 228) The Four Seasons French Rob, English Channel, Loch
Ness, Scotch Orange, Double Scotch.
August 1984, pg. 90--Strawberry Smoothie, Grande Dame, Anai, Banana Creole
Shrubb, Tivoli Rose, Frozen Viennese Pear Sour, Melon Madness, Rum Giggle,
Big Jake, Singapore Delight.
October 1984, pg. 194--Strawberry Margarita, 24-Kt. Margarita, Frozen
Margarita, Five-Lime Margarita, Kahlua Margarita, Margarita Rose, Maragarita
Blues, Maggie on the Rocks.
November 1984, pg. 192--Domigan's Pousse-Cafe, Framboise Sour, (pg. 194)
Coconutsy, Black Rose, Cream Dream, Schnapps "N' Schweppes, White Lady, The
Polished Apple.
December 1984, pg. 276--Santa's Glogg, Saint John's Wine, La Mongie High,
Sizzling Wine Bullshot, Alpentine, Poimiroo Plunge, Vin Chaud, Snuggler's
Notch, Gingery Wine Toddy, Colonel Negus, Communard's Mull.
February 1987, pg. 140--The Big Chill, Ragtime, Coffee Fling, Boonoonoonoos,
Bourbon Street, Coffee Bustamante.
August 1987, pg. 151--Dirty Banana, Dorado Triple Rum, (pg. 152) Half Moon
Brown Cow, Jumby Beach Peach, Tryall Yellow Bird, Cerromar Beach Cooler,
Peter Island Beachcomber, Moko Jumbie, Ron Bini, Bahama Momma.
January 2000, pg. 181--Millennium A-Go-Go, Millennium Meltdown, Snowball,
Five M's and an N, The Calypso, The Red Square 2000, Lillet Rouge, Asian
Orange, (pg. 272) Aphrodisiac Shot, The Rubicon, Millennium Cocktail, The
Coast Is Clear, Fizzbomb, Pomegranate Martini, Grand Fashion.

    No "Sex on the Beach," but I still have 1985, 1986, and 1988-1999 to go
through for that.  Maybe the 1950s issues will have "Margarita"?

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