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On Wed, 2 Feb 2000 Dfcoye at AOL.COM wrote:

}Also metathesis does not really apply when
}we're dealing with the hooked schwa in a word like 'performance' -
}'preformance' in rhotic speech-- the first vowel is not schwa plus /r/.

Isn't it?  Phonetically, it is clearly one sound, hence hooked schwa or
alternatively syllabic r.  But is the second syllable of 'performance'
also just one sound phonetically, a rhoticized O? At least it is for me,
and I suspect for many other rhotic north Americans.  Yet, there would be
no argument in transcribing the sequence as [Or] two sounds- or maybe even
O plus hooked schwa. So why couldn't the first syllable be schwa+r and
coalesce on the surface.  Or would you argue that hooked schwa is a single
sound throughout the whole of the phonology?  Positing 'er' as two sounds
somewhere certainly allows for the metathesis in the 'per/pre' prefixes,
as well as in 'modren' and 'southren'.


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