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<< But isn't there more than just metathesis going here?  In the performance/
 preformance examples, they're changing one prefix into another (more
 common/transparent?) prefix.  Is this also a case of some reanalysis?
 People may do perform -> preform and pervert -> prevert, but do they ever
 do purple -> preple or person-> preson?  I doubt it, since in the latter
 people are less likely to interpret the first syllable as a latinate prefix.
 (Or should that be a perfix?) >>

Consider also that 'prerogative' is often or even usually pronounce pur ROG
uh tiv, with a hooked schwa for the first syllable in the rhotic US--  could
this be prefix switching too?  Also metathesis does not really apply when
we're dealing with the hooked schwa in a word like 'performance' -
'preformance' in rhotic speech-- the first vowel is not schwa plus /r/.

Dale Coye
The College of NJ

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