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Sun Feb 6 09:20:42 UTC 2000

     I went to the Library of Congress for a day (Saturday).  I got there
about 10 a.m., the place closed at 5 p.m., and last call for books is at 3:30
p.m.  I requested five cocktail books in one shot, waited 90 minutes, then
found out that all five were missing.
    The catalog is available online, of course.  Under the call number TX951
are 428 books about cocktails/liquors/beverages.

SHOOTER STORIES (1989) by E. Erik Evenson.
    Evenson worked at the Washington, D.C. bar Rumors.  According to a
nationwide survey by the "National Shooter Institute" in November 1988, these
were the Top Ten Shooters in America: 1. Sex on the Beach, 2. Kamikaze, 3.
Woo Woo, 4. B-52, 5. Watermelon, 6. Orgasm, 7. Sweet Tart (Purple Hooter or
Grape Crush), 8. Melon Ball, 9. Russian Quaalude, 10. Alabama Slammer,
HONORABLE MENTION: Banana Boomer, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Fuzzy Navel,
Razzball and Rootbeer.
    The book contains folklore on each drink, so I copied each page.  When I
got home I discovered that the "folklore" was all made up.  For example, the
Russian Quaalude wasn't invented by Yuri Nayshin (urination).
    The book has these:  pg. 23-After Six, pg. 25-Alabama Slammer, pg.
27-B-52, pg. 29-Banana Boomer, pg. 31-Banana Split, pg. 33-Barbados Bomber,
pg.  35-Blue Hawaiian, pg. 37-Blue Whale, pg. 39-Bocci Ball, pg. 41-Brain,
pg. 43-Cherry Bomb, pg. 45-Chocolate-Amaretto Souffle, pg. 47-Chocolate Chip
Cookie, pg. 49-Cranberry Shooter, pg. 51-Deep Throat, pg. 53-Dr. Pepper
Shoneski, pg. 55-Fireball, pg. 57-Fuzzy Navel, pg. 59-Girl Scout Cookie, pg.
61-Iced Tea, pg. 63-Iguana, pg. 65-Jamaican Dust, pg. 67-Jelly Bean, pg.
69-Kamikaze, pg. 71-Melon Ball, pg. 73-Milky Way, pg. 75-Mudslide, pg.
77-Nuts and Berries, pg. 79-Nutty Irishman, pg. 81-Orgasm, pg. 83-Peach
Bullshit, pg. 85-Peppermill, pg. 87-Peppermint Paddy, pg. 89-Pink Lemonade,
pg. 91-Prairie Fire, pg. 93-Rootbeer, pg. 95-Russian Peach, pg. 97-Russian
Quaalude, pg. 99-Sex on the Beach, pg. 101-Slippery Nipple, pg.
103-Snakebite, pg. 105-Snowshoe, pg. 107-Sweet Tart, pg. 109-Tootsie Roll,
pg. 111-Transfusion, pg. 113-Velvet Hammer, pg. 115-Watermelon, pg. 117-White
Spider, pg. 119-Woo Woo, pg. 121-Zoom Shooter.
     SHOOTER ADDENDUM (pg. 122):  After Eight, After Five, Amaretto Hot SHot,
Banana Banshee, Banana Buddy, Banana Surfer, Beach Ball, Beach Peach, Between
the Sheets, Blueberry Lemonade, Blueberry Cheesecake, Brave Bull, Bugar in
the Grass, Butterscotch, California Blond-Hair Blue-Eyed Screaming Orgasm,
California Kamikaze, California Sizzler, Caribbean Cruise, Chill Bro Chill!,
Chocolate Milk, Chocolate-Mint Colada, Chocolate Mounds, Circus Peanut,
Citrus Cooler, Cool "Dude" Aid, Cranapple Shooter, Cranberry Surfer,
Creamsickle, Cream Soda, Dirty Peach, Dixie Chocolate Mint, French Hooker,
French Kamikaze, Fruit Cocktail, Georgetown Shooter, Gorilla Tonic,
Grapefruit Gimlet, Grapefruit Shooter, Hawaiian Punch, Jamaican Dust
Coconutta, Jamaican Surfer, Jelly Bean II, Kahlua Surfer, Key Lime Pie, Lady
Godiva, Lemon Drop, (pg. 123) Loose Goose, Malibu Sex on the Beach, Malibu
Sex on the Beach on a Cloudy Day, Mark's Fireball, Midori Kamikaze, New
Orleans Jazz, Nutty Surfer, Orgasm II, Orgasm III, Pink Peach Lemonade, Pina
Colada, Popsicle, Purple Hooter (a.k.a. Grape Crush), Raspberry Surfer,
Rattlesnake, Razzbear, Red Death, Safe Sex on the Beach, Saito, Screaming
Yellow Monkey, 747, Sex on the Beach With Sand in Your Crack, Sicilian Kiss,
Shark Shooter, Chocolate Mounds, T-Bird, Three Musketeers, Watermelon II,
Week at the Beach, Yurchenko Shooter, Zup's Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.

BOTTOMS UP (1951) by Ted Saucier.
     No important etymologies here, but over 200 pages of drinks and the
recipes are identified with establishments.  The Bloody Mary, Bloodless Mary,
Moscow Mule, and Vodkatini are here; the Screwdriver, Margarita, Caipirinha,
and Sangria are not here.  No Irish Coffee, but an Irish Whisky Old-Fashioned.

ESQUIRE DRINK BOOK (1956) by Frederic A. Birmingham.
     A very large (310 pages), comprehensive book from the pages of ESQUIRE
magazine.  Margarita Cocktail is on page 278.  (OED has 1960s citations.)
Screwdriver is on page 279.  Kailua Cocktail (Kahlua?) is on page 259.  Irish
Coffee is on page 237.  No Sangria.  No Caipirinha.

PLAYBOY'S PARTY DRINKS (1974) by Thomas Mario.
    Detailed recipes (no etymologies) from the pages of PLAYBOY magazine.
Caiprinha is not here; Sangria is here. The only iced tea is Iced Rum Tea.
Mexican Coffee and Russian Coffee are here.

PLAYBOY'S NEW BAR GUIDE (1982) by Thomas Mario.
    More from PLAYBOY, with a much greater selection than in 1974.  No Sex on
the Beach.  No Long Island Iced Tea.  No Caipirinha.  No Fuzzy Navel.


     I noticed that the Library of Congress has HUSTLER magazine (provided
that it hasn't been stolen) from 1974.  HUSTLER had famously offered to give
free subscriptions to libraries, but all libraries declined.
    HUSTLER might have "hooters" (RHHDAS 1975) and "wuss"/"wussy."   I might
request the magazine on my next LOC visit (which might be in a week or two,
before I leave the country again).

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