Cocktail books at Library of Congress

Jesse T Sheidlower jester at PANIX.COM
Sun Feb 6 18:32:58 UTC 2000

> BOTTOMS UP (1951) by Ted Saucier.
>      No important etymologies here, but over 200 pages of drinks and the
> recipes are identified with establishments.  The Bloody Mary, Bloodless Mary,
> Moscow Mule, and Vodkatini are here; the Screwdriver, Margarita, Caipirinha,
> and Sangria are not here.  No Irish Coffee, but an Irish Whisky Old-Fashioned.
> ESQUIRE DRINK BOOK (1956) by Frederic A. Birmingham.
>      A very large (310 pages), comprehensive book from the pages of ESQUIRE
> magazine.  Margarita Cocktail is on page 278.  (OED has 1960s citations.)
> Screwdriver is on page 279.  Kailua Cocktail (Kahlua?) is on page 259.  Irish
> Coffee is on page 237.  No Sangria.  No Caipirinha.

Do you think you could send a cite for _Bloody Mary_ and _Margarita_ from
these two books, respectively? Especially _Margarita,_ which we'd need
to shove in rather quickly.

(Though I think we've been in touch with the author of the Margarita
book, who is sending things of a similar era.)


Would you like to be listed in the Acknowledgements to OED3 online as
a provider of citations? I can probably still get you in if you're



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