Second Prize: TWO weeks in Philadelphia

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Sat Feb 12 02:05:03 UTC 2000

     From PLAYBOY, "Playboy After Hours," October 1957, pg. 9, col. 1:

     We'd thought the gag potential of Philadelphia as a dull town had been exhausted, but a whole slew of newies about the yawn qualities of the City of Brotherly Love has sprung up.  Take, for example, the current yok that goes like so: big contest sponsored by a giant soap company in which the first prize is a one-week, all-expense vacation in Philadelphia: second prize--a two-week, all-expense vacation in Philadelphia.  Or this one: man goes to see his doctor, is informed he only has four months to live.  He is told that he can do anything he watns during those four months--smoke, drink, hire a concubine, race D-Jags--anything.  But in four months he'll be dead.  The man asks the doctor, "Is it OK if I go live in Philadelphia my last four months on this earth?" "Sure," answers the medico, "but why would you want to do a thing like that?"  The guy says: "Well, it would seem so much longer that way."

   No wonder I couldn't find it in W. C. Fields's work!
   By the way, in two weeks, I leave for Portugal (for two weeks).

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