linguists wanted

leslie savan savan at EROLS.COM
Fri Feb 11 23:34:00 UTC 2000

I'm looking for a few good linguists or other language experts to
interview for a book I'm writing about language for a leading New York
publisher. Specifically, I'm trying to find out about the use of popular
catchphrases throughout history--going back to Roman times and
beyond--and throughout the world, from Asia to Europe. (I already have
America more or less covered.) I'm also interested in learning more
about popular catchphrases used currently in non-English languages.
    I'm a journalist, not a scholar, and I wouldn't be able to discuss
these subjects in academicese (that's a foreign language to me). If
you're interested, please email me at: savan at, and perhaps we
can set up a telephone interview. Thank you very much...Leslie Savan

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