Coinages (part ten)

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    I think it's part ten.  This continues a series of checking the word
"coined" on computer databases.  These may or may not be correct.  This is
from Readers' Guide Abstracts 1983-2000, which yielded 224 hits.

27 December 1999, US NEWS & WORLD REPORT, pg. 61--...a rival, Stuart Cramer,
coined the term air conditioner in a 1906 speech to the National Cotton
Manufacturers Association.

13 December 1999, THE NATION, "The PC 'culprit'" by Elinor Langer, pg.
60--The writer discusses the origins of the term "political correctness" and
the suggestions that she coined the phrase.

9 August 1999, NEW YORK TIMES, "Risk aside, bush pilots are a must in
Alaska," pg. A10--..."the bush syndrome," a phrase coined by the National
Transportation Safety Board as "an attitude of air tax operators, pilots and
passengers ranging from their casual acceptance of risks to their willingness
to take unwarranted risks."

August 1999, ATLANTIC MONTHLY, "Thin ice: 'stereotype threat' and black
college students" by Claude M. Steele, pp. 44-47+--The writer explains the
concept of "stereotype threat" that he and his colleagues have coined...

June 1999, MONEY, pg. 133---The term "intrinsic value," which was coined by
Columbia University business professor Benjamin Graham, refers to the value
of a company's business rather than its stock.

June 1999, PHYSICS TODAY, pp. 40-46--The term "black hole" was coined in 1968
by John Wheeler and was used to describe a new view of gravitational collapse.

14 December 1998, FORBES, pg. 238--The writer discusses the term "Phobot,"
coined by Gilbert Hoxie, chief executive of Pacific Group, consultants in
Palos Verdes, California.  Phobot is the term used to describe the functions
of a new range of telephonic robots that are becoming increasingly popular
among those with heavy travel schedules.

June 1998, DISCOVER, pg. 14--The flatworm that successfully stabs its mate
fertilizes the eggs, and the other produces the offspring.  Michiels (Nico
Michiels of the Max Planck Institute for Behavioral Physiology in Starnberg,
Germany--ed.) has coined the phrase penis fencing to describe this behavior.

9 March 1998, MACLEAN'S, pg. 70--(Simcha--ed.) Jacobovici coined the term
"Hollywoodism" to describe the belief system that caused some 2 million of
these Jews in the early part of the 20th century to choose American
immigration over Zionism or Marxism.

12 January 1998, CHRISTIANITY TODAY, pg. 55--According to George Otis Jr.,
who coined the term, the practice (spiritual mapping--ed.) is nothing more
ethereal than creating a spiritual profile of a community based on meticulous

1 January 1998, VITAL SPEECHES OF THE DAY, pp. 182-6--...the telecosm is a
term coined by technology guru George Gilder to denote the connections in

Nov./Dec. 1997, PSYCHOLOGY TODAY, pp. 30-33+--(Jaron--ed.) Lanier, the
computer scientist and researcher who coined the term "virtual reality"...
(This is the second most popular computer coinage, after William Gibson and

4 August 1997, FORTUNE, pg. 232--Al Ehrbar of Stern Stewart, the consulting
company that coined the term economic value added (EVA), which gauges how
much a firm's profits exceed its cost of capital...

Aug./Sept. 1997, WEATHERWISE, pg. 64--The term bow echo, which was coined by
Theordore Fujita in 1978, denotes the crescent-shaped radar signature of a
mesoscale system of potent thunderstorms.

21 July 1997, JET, pg. 26--He (Hobart Taylor--ed.) coined the phrase
affirmative action and helped form a volunteer plan in 1961 to help to
promote equal employment in the private sector through the Plans for Progress

28 June 1997, SMITHSONIAN, pp. 70-74+--(Whitney--ed.) Smith himself coined
the term "vexillology," meaning the scholarly study of flags, and it is now
in use in most languages.

18 April 1997, SCIENCE, pp. 357-9--(Cardiologist Herbert--ed.) Benson is
famous throughout the United States for his work on the "relaxation
response," a phrase he coined to describe physiological changes seen during
states of relaxation...

5 March 1997, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. B9--Kingsley Davis, the sociologist and
demographics expert who coined the term "zero population growth," died on
Feb. 27 at the age of 88.

Winter 1997, ORION, pp. 24-7--The slogan "catch and release" was coined in
the early 1960s by Richard Stroud, head of the Sport Fishing Institute, and
it almost immediately replaced what fish and game departments had termed
"fishing for fun."

13 December 1996, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. B16--Hamilton (handwriting expert
Charles Hamilton Jr.--ed.) coined the term philography to describe what he
did with more panache than anyone else.

October 1996, TENNIS, pp. 65-66--The writer discusses Tension Myositis
Syndrome, a term coined by Dr. John Sarno of New York University's Rusk
Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine to describe a condition that he believes
accounts for up to 95 percent of people with back pain.

28 July 1996, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 32, sec. 1--He (Samuel A. Kirk--ed.) coined
and defined the term "learning disabilities."

April 1996, PREVENTION, pp. 44-5--Both Jeffrey Golub-Evans, associate
clinical professor at the New York University School of Dentistry, who coined
the term for the technique... (Baked bonding, or heat-tempered composite
resin laminate veneers--ed.)

July 1995, GOVERNING, pg. 106--The term (pinball motivation--ed.), coined by
Tracy Kidder in his Pultizer Prize-winning book The Soul of a New Machine,
refers to the way in which successful managers capture the imagination of
public employees and get them to overcome obstacles--by recruiting people who
are already motivated to do an important but tough job and then promising
them that if they are successful, they will win an even more demanding task.

22 May 1995, NEWSWEEK, pp. 50-1--These "disease cowboys," a term coined by
Laurie Garret in her gripping 1994 book "The Coming Plague," cut through
daunting medical and logistical barriers to try to identify the cause of
epidemics, pinpoint their sources, and halt their spread.

6 May 1995, SCIENCE, pp. 285-6--Hawaiians have coined the name vog, for
volcanic smog, to describe the problem.

May/June 1995, THE HUMANIST, pp. 32-4--The term "stealth candidate" was
coined by Ralph Reed, the coalition's executive director.  It refers to a
political unknown with no previous record who hides his or her radical
religious support and loyalty.

13 December 1994, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. C1--He (Dr. Leonard Adleman of the
University of Southern California--ed.) has manipulated DNA to perform
mathematical calculations, helped develop a new kind of encryption system,
and coined the term "computer virus."

3 December 1994, NEW YORK TIMES, pg. 23--The writer (Theodore Roszak--ed.),
who coined the term "counterculture" in 1969, discusses the meaning of the
word then and now and the ways in which it has been misinterpreted by people
like Newt Gingrich.

29 May 1994, NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, pp. 40-1--President Bill Clinton's
basic style of operation is best characterized by adhocracy, a term that was
coined in the early 1980s by Roger Porter.

July 1993, GLAMOUR, pg. 81--A recent study coined the phrase "sticky floor"
to describe how difficult it is for women in low-paying, low-ranking jobs to
move up the corporate ladder.

April 1993, PC NOVICE, pp. 14-16+--Aldus founder Paul Brainerd coined the
term (desktop publishing--ed.) when he developed a DTP program called the
Aldus Pagemaker for Apple's Macintosh computer.

28 March 1993, NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, pg. 32+--(Stephen--ed.)
Greenblatt...coined the term "new historicism" in 1982, when he argued for a
critical method that situates a work of art in its historical context and
breaks boundaries between art and other kinds of historical traces.

March/April 1993, E: THE ENVIRONMENTAL MAGAZINE, pg. 15--Harvard biologist E.
O. Wilson has coined the word biophilia, which he defines as "the connections
that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life."

8 February 1993, THE NEW REPUBLIC, pp. 18-19--The term basic writing was
coined by Mina Shaughnessy, who organized a remedial writing curriculum...

Nov./Dec. 1992, HEALTH, pp. 86-88+--In the 1970s, (psychologist Robert--ed.)
Ader coined the term psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) to describe an emerging
field of study that combined aspects of psychiatry, neurology, and immunology.

20 July 1992, U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, pg. 53--The best phrase that
describes the state of the U.S. economy during the past two years is
"contained depression."  Coined by David and Jay Levy of Levy Economic
Forecasts, the phrase refers to an extended period that is likely to include
several economic peaks and troughs.

11 May 1992, JET, pp. 56-57--Entrepreneur John Wesley Dobbs coined the phrase
"Sweet Auburn" in reference to the street (Auburn Avenue in Atlanta--ed.),
which was also the birthplace of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

10 February 1992, U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT, pp. 6-7--The United States has
become a mediacracy, a term that was coined by conservative political
theorist Kevin Phillips in 1975 to describe the power of the liberal press
but that now connotes rule by those who know how to manipulate symbols,
information, and the media.

October 1991, POPULAR SCIENCE, pp. 70-74--John Koza of Stanford University
coined the term "genetic programming" to reflect his application of Holland's
genetic algorithms to software development.

12 November 1990, NEW YORKER, pp. 53-56+--The "School of London," an
expression coined by painter R. B. Kitaj in 1976, is composed of artists who
share certain circumstances and habits of thought.  The sharing involves the
emergence of homosexual culture heroes; the persistence of an archaic
bohemian outlook; often squalid living conditions; utter contempt for self
promotion, journalism, and vogue; and a territorial impulse.

September 1990, ARCHITECTURAL RECORD, pp. 78-79--Architect Arthur Cotton
Moore of Washington, D.C., has recently coined a style called "Industrial
Baroque," an unlikely union of two distinct approaches.

November 1989, OMNI, pp. 80-82+--Computer scientist Alan Kay, who coined the
term "personal computer" in the 1960s...

4 September 1989, THE NEW LEADER, pp. 12-13--...Harold J. Laski, who coined
the phrase "political pluralism" in 1915.  Laski was committed to the belief
that indivudal liberty can be safeguarded only under a system in which power
is diffused among independent groups.

September 1989, BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS, pp. 60-68+--The new design marks
the 40th anniversary of the name "the family room," which was coined by the
building editors of Better Homes and Gardens.

27 August 1989, NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, pp. 58-61--Bruce M. Newman,
president of Newel Art Galleries in Manhattan, recently coined the phrase
"fantasy furniture" to describe pieces of furniture that are carved and
twisted into whimsical, bizarre, and sometimes grotesque shapes.

Jan./Feb. 1989, MS, pp. 60-63--Although the term "ecofeminism" was first
coined by French writer Francoise d'Eaubonne in 1974, it wasn't until 1980
that the first ecofeminist conference was organized at the University of
Massachusetts at Amherst.

December 1987, WEATHERWISE, pp. 321-6--The term (windchill-ed.) was coined by
Paul Siple, who, during the Second Byrd Expedition to Antarctica in 1939-40,
determined the time required by water to freeze under various conditions.

August 1987, PREVENTION, pp. 87-90+--(Meyer--ed.) Friedman and (Ray--ed.)
Rosenman coined the term type A to describe behavior marked by
aggressiveness, impatience, irritation, and anger and offered evidence that
it can increase the risk of heart attack.

May 1987, DISCOVER, pp. 90-96+--The basic tenet of the Anthropic Principle
holds that the laws of nature exist because humans observe them.  Cosmologist
Brandon Careter coined the term Anthropic Principle in 1974...

May 1987, OMNI, pp. 80-82+--Frank Davidson, who proposed the construction of
the international tunnel beneath the English Channel, likes to think in terms
of macroengineering, a term he coined in 1967.

23 June 1986, FORTUNE, pg. 128--The writer discusses the phrase tax
expenditure, which was coined by the late Treasury Department official
Stanley S. Surrey, and the implications of writing it with and without
question marks.

28 October 1985, FORBES, pp. 40-41+--Maury Paul, recording the social scene
for the New York American, coined the phrase.  (Cafe Society--ed.)

26 August 1985, TIME, pg. 12--Jospeh F. Nye, Jr., Grham T. Allison and Albert
Carnesale are the authors of Hawks, Doves and Owls: An Agenda for Avoiding
Nuclear War.  They coined the phrase "owls" to describe individuals whose
principal concern is the inadvertent launching of nuclear weapons.

August 1985, SMITHSONIAN, pp. 44-48+--Business consultant William Gordon
coined the phrase often used to describe the process: "making the familiar

November 1984, SKY AND TELESCOPE, pg. 416--(William H.--ed.) McCrea, well
known for his work in the fields of relativity and cosmology, coined the
expression "model stellar atmospheres."

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